We Are Already Producing Food Enough For Nine Billion People

It’s a total myth that free trade will solve hunger.

The world already produces enough food for the expected population in 2050.
We’re already producing food enough for nine billion people.
It’s just total rubbish that we need more production.
The problem is the distribution.
People are hungry because they can’t afford the food or they don’t have the land
to grow it themselves.
It’s a social and political and economic issue.
It’s not a production issue at all.

In India, in the first ten years of trade liberalisation, this is when India
became a grain exporter, grain consumption per person fell significantly.
In Australia, we have 10% of people who are food insecure.
That’s determined by people who have to go and get some assistance from
the Salvos, or some other organisation, to get them through a tight period.
They might only do it a few times a year, but it means there are times when
families are food insecure. The best in the world is Switzerland with 4%, but even that’s still far too high.

You get the impression that the world is supporting Africa and bringing Africa out of
poverty, but it’s actually the complete opposite, that Africa is supporting the world.
There is far greater outflow of resources from Africa than what goes in.
Some of this is legal in debt repayment, profit repatriation, but a lot of it is illegal too.
Illegal and unregulated.

If you’d like to know more Alan Broughton is speaking about his book:
“Sustainable Agriculture versus Corporate Greed”


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