Benefits of Worm Compost are real, measurable and a lot less expensive

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David Davidson is not just a worm farmer but a microbe farmer and ​says that ​the worms are the vehicle to bre​e​d the soil microorganisms in the whole soil foodweb. In his interview he talks about using a Brix meter (refractometer) to measure the plant’s ability to photosynthesize. It has been said that insect pests will not attack plants that have a brix reading above 12. David is producing plants that are resistant to insect pests saving him both time and money as no sprays are needed. He also talks about how to measure using a brix meter and how little it is going to cost to start investing in this type of system.
Reference: ABC News New South Wales Country Hour

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David Davidson – Composting With Worms Made Easy About this Film “Composting With Worms Made Easy”Once you have a worm farm not only do you have your own compost and fertiliser maker, you also have a ready disposal of all your waste – well most of it anyway. David also states that you are also reducing the affect of global warming by reducing landfill. Keeps your council happy too!Yonke Cane is a neighbour of David and Beth’s who is passionate about sustainable living. She readily took up David’s help to establish a worm farm which she set up using straw bales. It is large enough to take all the household waste and is kept moist with the houshold’s grey water. Her children love it and happily help Yonke in the veggie garden which thrives on worm tea. Healthy too!
About this Film “Compost Worm Secrets Revealed for Easy and Profitable FarmingCompacted soils and rising costs of fertilizers are frequently occurring problems which plague most farmers. Discover the secrets of worm composting with David Davidson and start reaping the benefits of worm castings, worm compost and worm tea for all growers.
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  1. Hi Dave

    I am beginner in creating compost. I collect earthworms from ground and put them in tub container together with food scraps, wet newspapers, dry leaves, egg shells, leaves cuts too
    I am renting at the moment and my aim to do composting is to prepare soil in the new house would be (next March 2021 will be ready) where I am planning to have vegetable beds. I am a bit confused on which technique to compost. Heard about vermicompost, worm farms, heat compost.
    Wish to learn from you about it.

    Thank you in advance

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