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The 3 Day Biological Farming Practical Workshop and Small Microscope Course with Dr Mary Cole was recently held and as promised we have filmed it, we are still in the process of editing the film. We’ll let you know once it finished but for now check out some of the photo that we took in the workshop!

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While you wait for the Biological Farming Practical Workshop and Small Microscope Course film to finish, here’s one of the previous workshop of Dr Mary Cole that we filmed it presents practical management advice and scientific explanation of disease cycles for all farmers including those in the wine industry.

Soil Biology & Botrytis ForumAbout this Film “Soil Biology & Botrytis Forum” Over the 2 days Mary outlines the conventional way we traditionally manage most diseases and the consequences of doing so. It becomes very obvious that the practices are not only costly but, in the end, only cause more problems. We are then presented with the good news of alternative disease management methods which Mary documents thoroughly with first hand evidence of the benefits of developing a healthy soil.

Understanding & Managing
                                                BotrytisAbout this Film “Understanding & Managing BotrytisDr Mary Cole talks about Botrytis.
1: Understanding Botrytis – Life Cycle & its relationship to the vine growth cycle
2: Alternative Management of Disease
3: Using Biologicals

Mushrooms; Myths & LegendsAbout this Film “Mushrooms; Myths & Legends
Mushrooms are a favourite topic for Dr Mary Cole and this shows as she mischievously relates her tales from the ages. From a very early age Mary grew up listening to her father as he showed her which mushrooms to collect for their dinner. Mary has continued this early fascination and her curiosity has led to a deep knowledge of the world of mushrooms.

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  1. just listened to podcast with mary cole, fantastic! i am wondering if there is any correlation to the type of mushrooms that are found on top of ground as indicators of what could be expected to be found in the under the ground in the soil such as bacteria or nutrients? have you had alan cole on your pod cast talking about making compost ?

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