‘Catch Dr Christine Jones on Landline here. Brilliant!’


Did you watch the ABC Landline on Monday 11th July?

If you did you would have been blown away with the work of
Dr Christine Jones from Amazing Carbon.

We realise that many of you may have missed Landline as our PM
took the airwaves to talk about
the proposed Carbon Tax.

What a pity! Because the real carbon talk was on Landline.
If only what Christine had to say was listened to by
those proposing the tax!

Did you know that Australian farmers farming biologically
and increasing carbon in the soil can reverse global warming
caused by carbon dioxide worldwide? You’ll be astounded by how
little is needed to achieve this.

Hear what Christine has to say.

The great part is that she does have the proof to show
what she is saying is fact.

Go to: http://www.abc.net.au/landline/content/2008/s2490568.htm”>
Like to hear from you when you have listened!

Keep on creating those healthy soils

Helen and Hugo

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2 Responses

  1. this is great, but possibly a little dated now, there is now some excellent data available, with the CiL (Communities in Landscapes, landcareNSW) project now published. The naysayers will need to find another excuse for why biological farming can’t work, while farmers just get on with doing such a great job on-farm.
    Love it!

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