Dr. Jonathan Lundgren has filed suit against USDA for impeding his research on harmful effects of pesticides

Dr. Jonathan Lundgren has been doing a lot of research on neonicotinoids and the RNAi technology. He has also been getting a lot of push back from his employers. Because of this Jonathan has filed suit against his superiors and the USDA for impeding his research into the harmful effects of pesticides on pollinators, such as bees and butterflies.
For those of you who are not familiar with RNAi, here’s a video that Jonathan made that explains RNAi and how it works.

RNAi Based Insecticidal Crops: Risk Awareness

This discovery sounds promising and powerful but we have to make sure that it is safe.

Jonathan has put his all on the line to protect us and he needs our support at this time. First of all prayers, and keeping him and his family in our thoughts as he proceeds with his journey. Second, please spread the word far and wide. It is vital that as many people as possible know this story. Call your state and federal representatives and ask them how and why research is being suppressed. Call your state Department of Ag and ask them the same thing.

Reference: Washington Post

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