Farmers Find A Solution To Disease Prevention

So you are in the same game now. Can you actually go from instead of being just producing commodities and feeding the fleas, can you actually start saying, all right, where do we go into higher value capture strategies and options for us? Because at the end of the day, that regional revitalisation that’s really what is the social capital.That’s really what makes communities, and that keeps regions and what have you alive.

There are some stunning examples of that sort of thing starting to happen.But really, how do we make that blossom much, much more widely because that is where the thing is – health, the key new market. 7.4 billion people, 10 billion within 30 years, all desperately looking at health, even in Australia, okay? In Australia at the moment, we’re spending $150 billion every year on our disease industry. That’s the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the undertakers, you name it. It’s one big disease industry, $150 billion a year.

Now, half of that industry is able to be prevented by healthy food, by food with high nutritional integrity. I mean, like Linus Pauling back in the ’50s gave us all this stuff. Ninety percent of the diseases that we are now suffering from in industrial societies, the heart attacks, the cancers, the diabetes, the allergies, et cetera, et cetera, are all related to what we put into our face, the crap that we eat. As Rachelle said, our food now often has a third of the nutrient intensity than it did pre-World War II. In many cases, it has zero of the 33 essential nutrients, trace elements that we need for enzymes to keep ourselves healthy.

This is a massive cost. Massive cost to our society because $150 billion a year in Australia, growing at 10 percent, totally unsustainable. It’s not going to last 10 years because you guys won’t be able to pay enough taxes to cover it, right? We’ve got to find a solution and the solution is about the nutritional integrity of food and its preventative health effects. We’ve done all the studies; we’ve got all the data.

This is a clip from “Walk the Talk” with Walter Jehne: Local Solutions With Global Implications filming available for Farming Secrets Members.

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  1. Great presentation Walter
    I believe landcare has played a big role in enlightening us to the role of and understanding how the australian natural landscape functioned .if understood these processes can be mimicked to get our landscape functioning to produce healthy food again.With a side effect of less erosion ,weeds,and clean water ,O and increased biodiversity,soil carbon and resilience to climate change .If you believe this get onto the National Landcare Review survey to keep landcare

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