Good News! Gujarat aims to improve organic farm area by 10 times over five years

Gujarat aims to improve organic farmAllocates Rs 10 crore for organic farming under the organic farming policy released in April

Gujarat, Indian State government, will spend about Rs 10 crore in a year to promote organic farming in the state under the organic farming policy.

The government had announced the policy in April this year. A state government official had last week released a souvenir containing the policy and its Gujarati translation in a special programme organised by Jatan, a non government organisation working for promotion of sustainable and organic agriculture, in Ahmedabad.

“The state government is committed to promote organic farming and has allocated Rs 10 crore in the current financial year for this purpose,” said B R Shah, managing director of Gujarat organic product certification agency and director of horticulture department, Gujarat.

Shah said, “We will initially focus on tribal areas and help farmers with certification, marketing and brand building as well.”

An organic cell will be created under the department of agriculture to implement the policy and Gujarat Organic Farming Committee will be constituted to monitor the implementation of the policy.

The state government aims to increase organic farming area by ten times over the next five years. Current farm area under organic cultivation across the state is nearly 4,000 acres.

With a view to ensure higher price realisation, branding and proper marketing is crucial. The policy will provide assistance for creating brands, brand promotion, arrangement of buyer-seller meets, market-led extension and exhibition. The product of organic farmers, simultaneously, shall be linked with agri export zones.

Reference: Business Standard

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