Great monthly market at Maldon… Look who we found!

Look who we met! Jo.IMG_8300

Who is Jo?

None other than Pat Coleby’s daughter!

Photo at right is Helen with Jo in front of her bill board advertising her fantastic business:
Angel Organics

I was so excited as at last I had found someone whom I knew, trusted and was doing exactly what matched my requirement to buy meat again.

Let me explain. A few months ago I signed a pledge to only buy meat where I knew it had come from and was ethically raised and treated.

Jo ticked all the boxes AND she will deliver lamb, beef and pork along with vegetables in season.

Thanks Jo for growing nutrient dense healthy food.

To find out all about Jo and her services please visit:


Then I caught up with Hugo who was buying calendula face cream from Stefani who runs Thornhill Lane Biodynamics natural skincare with her husband. She grows all her own flowers and uses only organic ingredients in her smooth and scented creams. Such a labour of love and a pleasure to meet!

And of course we couldn’t go by Rob at Avonmore Biodynamic Wines where he even had a cow horn amongst his wines on display! A true devotee of biodynamic growing and one of Alex Podolinsky’s students

I talked so much that I walked away leaving 2 of our bottles we purchased
And Rob doesn’t just produce a good range of wines, he also runs a B & B amongst other things.

Lots to read @

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