Grazing is a Tool

Well, realise that grazing is a tool, and it’s not a perfect world. Because of time constraints,
there’s times when we don’t graze at as high a stock density as we like.
But, in saying that some is better than … not, so do what you can and I liken it to this,
there’s a lot of people who set stock, and then I ask them
“Well, how often do you check your cattle?”,
“Ah, once a week”.
Then move them once a week, you don’t have to do the multiple moves.
Some is better than none, as far as a tool to use that’s going to be totally
dependent on the area, the land, the terrain, etc.
I have not tried any of that, have you heard of anybody trying to roll perennial pastures …


Okay, do you want to talk about it?

I had some guys at Dubbo that didn’t like animals, and so I kept saying that if
you’re going to slash or mulch then you need to push the litter on to the ground,
So then he went for a sheep’s foot roller and then a heavy roller behind that.
Then it wasn’t decaying so then he put a compost piece right out behind that.
Then eventually he went and got cows.

Answer’s that I guess.


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    1. Hi Nola, I still haven’t got to watching this but thank you for sharing Joel’s important message.

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