How plants grow healthy without fertilizers? How can pests disappear without pesticides?

Can this be even possible? Just imagine. Without using fertisers, pesticides, weedicides – “oh my farm will be a total mess!”

You’re probably right.

If you don’t have a healthy kidney and you are dependent on a machine that supports your body. If we stop that machine – then you’ll probably die. That is not healthy.

Just like you, it’s easy to say that a person who is dependent on a machine is not healthy. That’s what’s happening to your plants if your plants are dependent on these inputs, and then they are not healthy. So if you stop using those inputs, your plants will die.

And you know why?

Because you have taken away the job that is meant to do by somebody else.

It’s like you took away the kidney and then give them a machine to run as their kidney.

Adding fertilizers to your soil is treason. You are ruining the relationship between the plant roots and the organisms in the soil.

The plants have problems – they’re roots have a limited capacity to absorb the right minerals that they need to grow. They only use 4-7% of the soil volume and they don’t live long only 1-3 weeks, so plants need external help – but not from ferilisers! Plants use their roots to forge a partnership to the organisms in the soil, these organisms – fungi and bacteria will deliver whatever the plants needs, in return plants will pay the organisms sugar in form of glucose which is the by-product of the plant’s photosynthesis.

So just to give you a simple explanation, here’s what’s happening between plants and the organisms in the soil:

Plant roots will meet Rhizobacteria. Rhizobacteria will say “Oh wow… sugar!”. Root says “I will supply you sugar but in exchange, you’ll supply me with the nutrients and water I need.” That’s the start of their symbiotic relationship. Rhizobacteria will continue to deliver water and nutrients that are in the RIGHT AMOUNT OF WHAT the plants and WHEN the plants need it. And the plants continue to provide them with glucose.

BUT… when you give the plants fertilizers, this relationship starts to collapse.

The fungi and bacteria are supposed to be your working agents to help your plants to grow, they suppose to deliver whatever your plant needs 24 hours a day – 7 days a week – from the beginning until your harvest. Instead, they will attack your plants, eats your roots, hence you get diseases, they are attracting pests and weeds. And when you see these problems, oh you think – it’s time to put fertilizers, time to put pesticides, time to put weedicides.

And it goes again and again. The endless cycle of chemicals, and at the end of your harvest, you were break even with all the costs… and

The problems that you see in your plants are merely indications of what’s happening between the soils and plants.

So what you should instead? It’s easy! Bring back those working agents to your soil.

Please watch this video. It’s probably the most eye-opening simplest explanation of what’s happening between the soil and the plant. You’ll discover that you don’t need to plow, you don’t need fertilizers, you don’t need pesticides, you don’t need weedicides.

This video is from the Soil is a Living Organism by Plant Health Cure BV

Amazing isn’t it? Nature designed this way – it’s for us to discover this wonderful work of nature. If you want to discover more about how to put back those mighty working agents in your soil, you can start with Andre Leu’s Farming without Chemicals or the True Soil Fertility with Gerhard Grasser. These Films contain more in-depth and detailed information on how you can get started with chemical-free farming!

Let’s start working with nature now!

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