Is This The Most Important Book About Australia’s Agricultural History?


I don’t know if anyone has heard of Bruce Pascoe, he also lives in East Gippsland where Alan’s from. He wrote a very important book that was published a couple of years ago, Dark Emu. Has anyone heard about this?

Speaker 2: Yeah.

Nick Rose: Yes? That’s great. So you’ll know it’s a very important book that in my view does nothing less than rewrite the history of this country before 1788 in seeking to make a really compelling case by reference to the original sources of the diaries of the first settlers of this country in the 1810s and twenties. That the landscapes of Australia were being actively managed and cultivated and that Aboriginal people were actually practicing something that even to European eyes in those days was recognizably a form of agriculture and livestock management. A really, important book.


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4 Responses

  1. Children are our future, our hope, our savour…
    The dis-respect towards kindergarten teachers continues on to secondary and tertiary educators.
    We forget if we don’t educate our children properly as a nation we can’t advance. We fall behind.

    Should we cut our education budget?

    Over and over again?

  2. Extraordinary lecture in so many ways: people, politics, farming, new grains, history – with gratitude and respect to the ancient ancestors!
    I would love to hear more and hope to follow up on these subjects.

    1. Dennis I suggest that you buy Bruce’s book “Dark Emu”
      It is a great eye opener and we thoroughly recommend it.

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