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Tip #5. Are you increasing your soil carbon levels?

We explain how to increase your soil carbon levels
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  1. Hi Hugo and Helen, I continually have a problem with “snotty noses” with my sheep. They have seaweed meal ad lib, cider vinegar with garlic in their water, proper rock salt and I do not drench with chemical drenches. I have reduced my stock rate to one sheep per acre. This has got me through the drought really well, with no real damage to the pasture or soil. I know there is no sulphur in the soil, could this problem be caused through the lack of sulphur? All paddocks have had good quality lime and fertiliser, natural. Can I safely add gypsem with the seaweed or in a separate container. If I put out separate containers under cover of lime, dolomite, sulphur, seaweed,etc, the only container they use is the seaweed. HOpe you can give me some ideas. Thankyou. cheers Marilyn

  2. Firstly they were our sheep until she stole them, and the farm and the house in melb, she works for a company and has done for fifteen years, who make drugs , and guess what they are tested on??? innocent animals,,, she led me to believe a load of bull crap for seventeen years, now after being on a farm she shafted from me, for only a few years she tells all the locals how to look after there sheep, even these who have been on the land for generations,her sheep had nasel bott and she wanted me to be wrong,,, she’s an arsehole believe me, I am telling every site what she is like, until she gets honest about what she has done to ruin my life,, sincerly yours Stephen Istvan Braun

  3. Sorry she doe’s and always has drenched with vermac ibermac, you name it, we drenched them with it if you want to believe her fine we used to get the drences from eurao and violet town we had never sent undrenched sheep to the market not once in ten years, every single time I had to keep track of the holding period, she’s a nutter,,,and a lier
    Fair dinkum, she burns everyone I used to run a drug and alcohol rehab she even sent that to the wall, the bridge to recovery in oldham lane Dandynong, gone now forever of course, thanks to her,
    And thats just the stuff I can say,,,, stay away from her or she will sting you if she can,, she owes me bigtime,
    and I havent even started on her yet, but if I find she has lied to anyone about any thing? I feel obliged to clear the picture up so we can all see… regards Steve

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