The Secret to Farming Secrets!

Farming secrets is a club for all farmers hungry for the latest news on how to reduce farm costs while also increasing productivity. While running there last business Hugo and Helen (the founders of farming secrets) realized how hard and isolating at times to get sensible, reliable results driven information on using natural methods on the farm.

Did you know that the natural farming methods are more profitable and productive and makes your farming more enjoyable?

Find out how! Farming Secrets will bring you interviews with world experts via teleconferences. These will be recorded on CD’s and MP3’s so that you can play them over and over. Farming Secrets will also take you on the farm to show you via videos what other farmers are doing, the problems they are facing and the results they are getting. Farming Secrets is about revealing hot ideas, little tips that make a massive difference and creating a network of like minded farmers around the world with up to date information.

Tip #5. Are you increasing your soil carbon levels?

We explain how to increase your soil carbon levels
PLUS see the full 10 Tips in this Guide!

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  1. Hi
    we practise regenerative agricuture near coonabarabran but need more information on pasture cropping and how to biolgically control saffrons in lucerne paddocks and cropped paddocks.

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