Marieke Rodenstein – Treating the Cause, rather than the symptoms

This is part 1 of 4 of the ‘Walk the Talk’ with Marieke Rodenstein and Dr Maarten Stapper. Most medications are treating the symptoms rather than the cause. If we are only treating the symptoms and not the cause, it can produce much bigger problems which we call 21st century diseases such allergies, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Cancer, Depression, Diabetes etc
And, says Marieke,  you don’t have to wait until you are sick to get healthy!

Marieke Rodenstein – Treating the Cause, rather than the symptoms
Marieke Rodenstein – Gut dysbiosis is leading to childhood epidemics
Dr Maarten Stapper – Chronic diseases with modern foods
Dr. Maarten Stapper – Nutrition of generations influencing the next and the effects of diet on genetics

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