Soil Facts: What Causes Soil Acidification? Part 3 of 4

In terms of Soil Acidification, Dr. Mary Cole also discuss the reason behind it. She explained the 4 main cause of Soil Acidification. These are:

  • Inappropriate use of nitrogenous fertilizers
  • Leaching of nitrogen below plant root zone
  • Build up organic matter
  • And removal of product from farm

Watch the video as Dr Mary Cole explains each of these causes.

This clip is part of a series which will be released as a 2 day training course: Soil Biology and Botrytis

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  1. We believe that all organic matter should be responsibly composted and placed back into the system, soil microorganisms are responsible for powerful processed including protecting your productive plants from disease, being responsible for soil structure and balancing pH in the root zone. Natural processes support natural nitrogen availability, soil organisms include nitrifying bacteria as well as nitrogen fixing bacteria, these organisms take atmospheric nitrogen and make it plant available so long as we have an intact soil food web and a reasonable level of organic matter. With thousands of tonnes of atmospheric nitrogen sitting above every HA of land, do you ever wonder why we need to buy a few more tonnes? For more information see the Trust Nature website

    Regards: Paul Taylor

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