Are You Sustaining A Degraded Farm?

Here is Gabe Brown’s message for all farmers:

This is the sign down on our ranch’s drive, coming up into our yard.
I want everyone who drives by to know that we’re focused on regenerative agriculture.
Notice I do not say sustainable agriculture.
Our ecosystem on our ranch is degraded.
Why would I want to sustain a degraded resource?
I tell people, I’ve had the good fortune of being on thousands of operations all over the world,
I have never yet been on one that’s not degraded, including my own because when you compare it to what soil scientists say it was 2, 3, 400 years ago, they’re degraded.
Now, people like Colin (Seis) here, are moving in the direction that they’re certainly going to regenerate it to that point, but it can be done, 

and we need to do it in order to give future generations the opportunity to be sustainable.


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8 Responses

  1. I fully agree regerative agriculture can transform degraded lands in to productive lands. In India , Gujarat state five hundred ha. Of degraded land is converted to productive horticultural farm with thirty fruit tree species in semiarid areas under purely rainfed conditions with suitable soil and water management .

    1. Hi, Taman. Gabe is working with nature to replicate Nature’s ways.
      Keep watching the clips to find out more.
      Also Google Gabe Brown.

  2. Couldn’t agree more on sustainable v regenerative, been saying that for decades. Why stop at sustaining a burnt out mess?

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