Jean Belstead’s Homeopathic List for Treatment and Prevention

It has a list of formulas for the individual treatments, the common problems with dairy cattle’s, 12 month cycle of the dairy cows.
This is a clip from the Fast Track Your Farming Film: “Jean Belstead – Homoeopath Saves Farmers Time & Money Spent On Animals”. For over 40 years Jean has been practising homeopathy with both humans and animals. She is a great believer in natural remedies and incorporates reiki and foot masssage as well as kinesiology when prescribing remedies for her many clients.

About this ‘Fast Track Your Farming’ Film:
Jean Belstead met Ron and Bev Smith many years ago when Ron was having problems with mastitis in one of his dairy cows. Jean, a local homeopath showed Ron her homeopathic treatment for mastitis and Ron hasn’t looked back! He is a firm believer and follower of using homeopathy to prevent illnesses and also to relieve stress and trauma both in animals and humans.

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Jean Belstead’s Homeopathic List for Treatment and Prevention.
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One Response

  1. Hi Jean
    Know Barb Beatson very well. A very kind person she is and has been in my life.
    She said yesterday you have made a homeopathic remedy using Roundup.
    We also sense via kinesiology and i say we, as they are asking you please to say which roundup please.
    We know a new one is very harming to land biota, and would love to know how you work. Simply because we will need it soon, we say now to the one writing to you. The issue is the brand year. We know a effect on land we garden in, not ours. If it can be offered, as it will be sprayed by the owner of the garden, will, in a way that knows the brand year.
    Brand year is our need today please.
    The remedy is very necessary is the immediate sense.
    The year is important to know which year you chose to make a remedy of a chemical that we say kills yes kills life in the micro way microbes need care and loving care available now. With a homeopathic remedy now available. And able to be shared is it? To certain Earth healers using other biological methods of Earth care.
    Thank you
    Ali Cairns
    0429 006 030

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