What Sort of Society Poisons its Children?

….what sort of civilization poisons its children? I think future researchers and historians of science are going to look back and just shake their heads and say this must be the most stupid civilization that has ever existed. Seriously! And because you know what I want to say here there is zero requirement of testing for the special requirements for children. I’m going to talk more about it. Basically when you know that the animal testing they use they actually use adolescent animals. But what we know now is that the key developmental periods for humans as a foetus, as particularly as newborns, but growing children and then another really key development time for us as humans is when we go through puberty, that’s when another lot of hormones are coming on and at this stage chemicals can really affect it. So while the regulatory authorities have zero evidence and have zero requirement to get that evidence, once again, the independent scientists have published not one two, three, but hundreds and hundreds of studies. Just on the way hormones and chemicals work as damaging hormones is over 600 published studies. I’m not talking about you had one here and there, you know, regulatory authorities really have to go out of their way not to find them. They really work hard not to see. But what I’d like to point out here. Is that what these studies show, Is that the smallest amount of some of these chemicals can be harmful particularly on what happens with many of them when they get down to really small amounts they’re basically molecules small enough to bind with what we call the hormone receptor on the cells and then they. are acting like hormones, but they’re not the hormone so that they basically send false signals. They’re called endocrine disruptors, endocrine means hormones. What we know for instance when a fetus is developing small amounts of hormones basically go and trigger the genes to start saying. “Oh, look! Now’s the time to have fingers. Now is the time to have arms. Now is the time to build a reproductive system. Now is the time to build a brain. Now’s the time to build eyes and those signals are really sensitive. They are parts per trillion. That’s another hormone that is used to trigger the genes in the development of a fetus and also in young children. And also, when children are going through puberty and adolescence. What’s a part per trillion? Get three Olympic-sized swimming pools of water and you put one drop in it. That’s a part per trillion. And we actually know of hundreds of pesticides that do this. They act like hormones. Many of them for instance act like estrogens and basically trigger and give signals of estrogen. This this is actually really important with the development of the fetus we know now, So the evidence now is showing very strongly that that these extra estrogen signals are now responsible for the basically the early age of girls going into puberty. We’re seeing this is getting earlier and earlier and we know that is one of the basic signs for that of getting breast cancer. The earlier a girl goes into puberty the higher percentages of breast cancer. But we also know now how important these signals are in terms of giving you a whole range of the diseases of the sexual tissues and I’ll talk more about it. But you know there’s other types of hormones that actually set off and delay or disrupt other developmental events.


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