Will History be Rewritten?


Is there any move to revise the history books so as not to teach any of your kids what didn’t happen?

Bruce Pascoe:
Once again, the answer to that question is the people who are on school councils, parents of children, grandparents of children have to make that happen. We have to insist that our school teachers, those people that we allow to talk with our children are well trained. One of the lowest paid occupations in Australia is kindergarten teacher. What does that say about a country? When you deliver your 4-year-old child into the hands of the lowest paid worker in the country, that’s a disgrace. What do we expect to happen? We have to revise our heads. But, yeah look, those things are happening because there are earnest and good school teachers around. And there are terrific principals around, but they’ll only happen if those good people are supported by other good people.


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