Extend Your Season; Increase Your Land Use

Extending your harvest using varieties can actually be a really good way of going. That goes with successional planting as well. Just making sure that you plant that particular crop now and before the time is up to plant, say your carrots, you plant another crop. That way you’ll be harvesting these, once they’ve finished harvesting these will be ready to come on. It’s no different with fruit or nuts.

Using things like raising up. In my own garden, I’m on a slope. I always loved that whole thing Laos in Vietnam when you see those pictures in China where they’ve got side of hills and then it’s just layered. It’s beautiful terracing. It looks amazing. I’ve tried to recreate something like this in my garden out of straw bales. This year’s straw bales were three dollars, or hay bales, I should say, were three dollars a bale. Last year they were 20 dollars a bale. So choose your season to actually buy your particular things. But can be a really good way of actually extending the amount of soils you have. On a slope I had a very hard site to work on. By actually building the bales up and actually putting compost and green manures and building the soil up behind that, I’ve actually created a lot more soil area in my garden. Also, everything does better because it’s growing flat rather than at an angle because on an angle, when it rains, it just washes it all out.


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