Get good ones. That’s with all secateurs.

I want to just tell you a little bit about pruning techniques. What we’ve got here is a pair of bypass secateurs. These are basically with a hook there and a blade there. Keep that as sharp as possible. These, you can usually take them apart. When you put them back together, make sure that blade and that hook marry up. It’s when you get that little gap in between … Has anyone done the pruning where you go “Well that didn’t work.”? And the tree doesn’t like it … so having that nice and tight is more important in some ways than having a sharp blade, because that’s where the bypass happens. That’s where the cut happens.
What about anvil ones?
Anvil ones are for soft woods like apples. We also use them a little bit when we grow up and stuff but generally they’re less used these days.
Ah, they’re nice if you’ve got a little arthritis.
Yeah, yeah. There’s the rolling handled ones as well.
Oh they’re fantastic.
And the ones with the ratchets.
Yeah, yeah, the wind up ones. They only problem with them is get good ones. That’s with all secateurs. It’s going to sound really weird. I used to work in nurseries and I’d have people that come in … And we sold like $3 secateurs and we sold $120 Felco secateurs and Bahco … Now you’d get people that come in they go “Oh I’ll grab the $3 ones.” And “Oh, please don’t.” And they’re like “Why?” And its like “I can tell you where it’s going to break. Right there.” As soon as you put any weight on it, snap, it comes off. There’s nothing worse, as I said with the machinery thing, half way through a job, wanting to prune your trees, pruning that one and then going to the next one and having to go back to the nursery to get another pair of $3 secateurs. Anything above $30, kind of all right. Any below that, you’re taking your … yeah, it’s in your own hands.

So these are designed to prune about 15 ml, no more than that. 15 ml and less. These, you probably get to about 30 mil. If they’re struggling, you’re trying too hard, you need a saw. If you need anything, get one of those bow saws or one of the pruning saws. Other than that, a chainsaw is a worthwhile thing. A little chainsaw. Don’t buy one, go and borrow one if you know one. But remember they’re dangerous tools. They tend to chop just as well through flesh. That’s all I’m going to say about that.



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