Growing Cover Crops: I Can’t Screw Up!

In answering a question about how long it takes for the system to really work, this is Gabe’s reply: 

You know that’s a great question.
Plants germinating and one of the things that it’s difficult for me to show you is to realise this is a journey.
The young people who are starting down this journey today, or anyone starting down this
path today of regenerative ag, they’re going to be able to do in three to five years what it took me 20 years to do.
Because Gabe has to learn everything the hard way, usually twice but I can’t tell you there were several years starting
out, my soils were so degraded that I’d seed a cover crop, it’d only get this tall.
Then the next year maybe this tall.
Now I can’t screw up. It just works!
Because the soil is so healthy, that it’s going to germinate and go.


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2 Responses

  1. Helen & Hugo Please verify something for me.When we did the 10 day course with Elaine she said conditions such as Gabes where snow covers litter high in carbohydrate the soil biology would be extremely active.
    Gabe said the soil biology shuts down under the snow.
    The snow may be better than the 40 degree days we experience.

    1. Hi Alan Microbes are pretty much like us and slow down in extreme temperatures. But activity of soil organisms do vary according to cover.

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