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Mentorship Topic: Sustainable, Biological Farming

Who is Dr. Maarten Stapper?

Dr Maarten Stapper has lived, studied and worked in the Netherlands, Canada, USA, Iraq, Syria, and since 1982 in Australia.

Maarten has an agricultural engineering degree in agriculture and catchment management in the semi-arid tropics, and a PhD in wheat production systems, linking crop physiology with agronomy and daily weather in simulation modelling.

Quantifying production in dryland and irrigation wheat paddocks in south eastern Australia made him aware that most problems start with the soil, and thus solutions should commence there.

Maarten is passionate about discovering and using the power of nature in food production systems – and the connections between soil biology, soil health, and the overall functioning of agro-ecosystems, and sees many opportunities for Australian agriculture to reverse soil degradation and regenerate soils.

Dr Maarten Stapper – Why Do We Have Problems With Food

Maarten raises this issue with comments from a panel of seven community leaders. Health aspects in food production, distribution, processing, preparation and eating are discussed. Food will have a high nutrient density when grown on healthy soils. Food processing for ease-of-use reduces nutrient availability. Choose least processed, un-refined foods to avoid added sugar, salt and synthetic additives. Avoid food waste. Prevent chronic diseases by avoiding synthetics when eating, drinking, breathing, and on skin. Change your habits, mindset and lifestyle… for your health!

Dr Maarten Stapper – Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Healthy People

Film (x 1Film running time approx 200 mins) Manage soil health & soil fertility leads to nutrient dense food to human health about which Maarten is passionate!

Maarten Stapper – Secret Plant Business

Did you know that some problems that occur with industrialised foods include, over eating, low mineral density, over processing, excess waste and last but not least DEGENERATIVE DISEASES? Maarten talks about the lower nutrition and cocktail of chemicals we take into our bodies with every bite. In our modern day world some of our mineral intakes have decreased 60% (31% – 89%) since 1948. This is beacausse of refining, pasteurisation. irradiation, cooking, microwave etc.

Maarten Stapper – Changes in Thinking And Management

On this Film Maarten elaborates flawlessly on the issues of:

  • Food production / Environment / Global Warming
  • Wisdom vs Technology
  • Short – term profit vs long – term costs
  • Problems in agriculture
  • Agricultural Science – genetic engineering?
  • Required paradigm shift – step out of the square
  • Practice is far ahead of Science
  • Farming is an art, not a science
  • Change : learn by doing – make the first step……..

This Film is for those looking for answers to problems that just won’t go away. It tell you where to start when there are a sea of options. You know you have to change , but you don’t knpw where to start. Look no further, this Film reveals it all!

Easy Steps to Healthy Soils & Profitable Farming

So why has ‘healthy soils’ become a hot topic? Are you ready to start looking at current high input driven industrial farming which Maarten shows has lead to soil degradation, sick soils and associated costly problems with plant and animal health?

Full of stories about farming practices that Maarten has observed first hand, you will discover in this Film …

  • Major problems in soils of modern farming worldwide affecting productivity
  • How everything is linked with everything else in the production system
  • Why farms have weeds, insects, diseases and resistance to chemicals
  • How to remineralise the soil and balance chemistry with biology for good physics
  • How to create truly healthy soils progressively; increase drought tolerance and overcome salinity
  • How to finally save on the costs of fertilizers and chemicals

Biological Farming Systems

Biological farming systems are not a “may be” but ESSENTIAL information for survival as we go forward.

Investing a few dollars to save thousands of dollars is a smart move. When you buy these Films you can sit in the comfort of your favourite chair, invite your family in to learn from Adrian, Maarten and Tom as they share the secrets that they themselves have learnt from thousands of serious farmers who farm over 300,000 hectares.

These farmers have reduced most of their inputs: fertilisers, insecticides, fungicides and weedicides. They have reduced the risk of crop failure and yet increased profits and production.

Jean Belstead – Homoeopath Saves Farmers Time & Money Spent On Animals

Jean Belstead met Ron and Bev Smith many years ago when Ron was having problems with mastitis in one of his dairy cows. Jean, a local homeopath showed Ron her homeopathic treatment for mastitis and Ron hasn’t looked back! He is a firm believer and follower of using homeopathy to prevent illnesses and also to relieve stress and trauma both in animals and humans.

For over 40 years Jean has been practising homeopathy with both humans and animals. She is a great believer in natural remedies and incorporates reiki and foot masssage as well as kinesiology when prescribing remedies for her many clients.
Jean was proud to tell us that she brought up 5 kids using her herbal knowledge on them, and apart from broken bones and a bout of whooping cough during an epidemic, the doctor has been used very little.

Bruce Davison – Amazing Results From Composting With Worms

This Fast Track Film is all about worms!

Bruce gives Hugo an overview of the rundown state of his farm when he arrived. It looked alright but soon was overrun with African Lovegrass and blackberries indicating an acidic soil.

Bruce did not follow the practice of poisoning and burning but instead turned to worms! The result was feed throughout a long drought at a very low cost.

Bruce then shows David Davidson his worm farms and they reveal how they grow worms, feed worms, harvest worms and finally apply the worm products to the paddock. Lots of handy tips along the way.

Dr. Maarten Stapper joins the discussion which includes the amazing benefits of worms and the work that they do including getting rid of heavy metals.


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